Tuesday, September 21, 2010

what in the blazes!

Its been strange days since I last posted. I almost forgot about this place. My old world seems to be crumbling apart. Things I thought I knew are not as they seem and things I didn't know are turning out to be crazier than I thought. I hope that if anyone reads this that they are doing alright and I hope one day I will see you again. I am going to try to post on here more often now. much love

Interpol - Barricade

Monday, March 9, 2009

A group from San Fran I like...

Wish I could see them but I am stuck in Longview.

Friday, September 26, 2008

tough times tough decisions

Well as you know I moved to New Hampshire...like a fool I have been destroyed again. I am trying to find a way back to SB...its too hard living with my folks in Washington...not healthy. I am about to embark on a journey...walking from Manchester NH to Buffalo NY. Google maps says it will take me 6 days but that would be if I walked all day and night. I figure it will take me nine days...then I can beg my godmother for money for a flight to SB. I hope life gets better than this...because I am spent.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

read my "new" post from July 7th

I guess I tried to write something way back then and blogger gave me lip...you should check it out...especially if you like the band America

Friday, May 2, 2008

What can we find???

Well Things are going pretty wild here in lovely New Hampshire...I have been walking around town so much that I have done something that I have never done in my entire life...I wore a hole in the bottom of my converse. I guess that's what happens when they end up being owned by a company who's logo is a whip in mid swing.

Well I did find that some smart people do live around here...this is one of the best billboards I have ever seen and its right down town!!! If you can't see it very well let me know I will send you the full size one...I laughed out loud on the street and looked like a mad man.

Here is a picture of the Greek Orthodox church here in Manchester...not nearly as impressive in this picture as it is in real life...a very unique building...and it is graced with the name of not only my favorite kind of whiskey that I like to share with Larry but one of my good friends.

If you can't read it and you don't know me it does say St. George. Miss you guys (Larry and George)

One of the first things I did when I got to Manchester was to go to the library and find out what I needed to do to get a card...on my way back I saw this statue and the side I was walking up to was a someone caped and hooded...that picture didn't come out but these did.

The crazy thing was this was homeless/student park central and the fertilizer just to the right of the next picture was on fire and I had to put it out because nobody else seemed to care or want to do anything...I saw FLAMES...and kids were playing right by it...odd.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hello all...there is nothing new in New Hampshire

So I made it to New Hampshire and it's been pretty busy since I have been here. The first thing I got to do was meet one of my new roommates...who is surprisingly young...youngest roommate I have ever had actually.
Then from there I got to see one of my favorite friends ever...the kitty banes. Had to get things organized and see where everything goes and is in my new place. I am living with my good friend/sister Margaret in her new house that she is actually still moving into...its really cute.

The real funny thing is that the whole basement is painted in New England Patriots colors and there is a urinal in the bathroom...don't think that's going to find much use. The good thing is I was so tired from my flight that I fell asleep as soon as I got here at midnight and woke up at seven so I am already used to the time change. The next day Margaret and I got up early because Margaret had a savate match (french kick boxing). I would show you a picture of Margaret but due to the nasty french outfit you have to wear in this sport (almost full body spandex) Margaret would kill me if I put that picture on the Internet but I do have some of the guys fighting for you.

Then that night we drove about an hour away and watched two of Margarets gym members in some boxing matches, one at heavy weight and the other super heavy weight...sadly they didn't win :(

Today I went and took a walk around town to get an idea of where stuff is and how long its going to take me to walk around everywhere. I found that it takes me about an hour for me to walk from home to the university which is downtown. I also witnessed some really interesting sites. These first two pictures are for you if anyone tells you Manchester is as nice as SB.


Nice town...caring...see the charity? How about the crack pipe?
I found what appears to be the lamest park...EVER. I see how the rough streets of Manchester look like the war in Iraq...and trust me I know this is in bad taste but the picture turned out so well I had to. and I guess the city of Manchester decided to save money by laying off the public works people in town and removing all the trash cans so they didn't have to have someone empty them.But at least I have this great way to remind me where the people I love are...I hope life is great in Cali cuz its looking grim here...not the New England I was hoping for.